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FlowControl dispensers with electronic counter are designed for dispensing windshield washer fluid (flammable liquids II. Hazard class) in the pumping delivery from 2 to 8 liters/min. For us was development and construction of dispenser of dispensing windscreen washer fluid a big challenge related to accuracy of all measurements of fluid flow with various physical properties - especially different compositions (winter mixture, summer mixture, from different producers) in various concentrations of distributed fluids. The result of this precious work is a certified commercial gauge that complies with the most demanding requirements of advanced metrology. Therefore these dispensers can be used (without recalibration) for all winter and summer mixtures of all known producers, even if these products very often have different physical properties.

Equipment design and operating characteristics are adapted to the standards of the dispensers:

Overall appearance and layout are very similar to common types of dispenser
One-sided or double-sided design (2 nozzles, 2 single display units)
Dispensing nozzles are very similar to common fuel dispensing nozzles
Hoses with spring rewind reels
Standard electronic counter, standard display
Installation at a petrol station:

Easy connection to any POS System or outdoor payment terminal
Easy retrofit at a petrol station. The inlet tubes (only 20 mm in diameter) can be slide with other wiring which is usually kept in cover rails on the construction of the shelter
Dispensing system FlowControl can be installed very easily and operated on all types of petrol stations: not only at public petrol stations, but in vehicle parks or company´s stations as well.




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