UAB LABENA - TASUNO fuel dispensers - LPG equipment - POS systems - tank gauging and fuel management systems startitaliana - LPG heating - Kupson AVP-31, KADATEC
About us

UAB LABENA successfully develops its business in the markets of Lithuania, Russia and Belarus since 1996. Our Company offers multifunctional computerised POS systems, equipment for gas filling stations of different manufacturers: petrol and liquefied gas (LPG) dispensers, liquefied gas dispensing modules, gas transporters, surface and underground tanks of different sizes, integrated petroleum product level measurement systems. In addition, we offer liquefied gas heating equipment (systems) for the private sector, industrial and commercial premises. We provide complex installations of petrol and liquefied gas filling stations from construction of technological pipeline to connection of POS systems, and automation works of liquid fuel bases and non-public (closed sector) gas filling stations. We carry out all repair and maintenance works of our own and other manufacturers’ installations.

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