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Dujų aptikimo sistemos

Dujų nuotėkio aptikimo sistemos

duju nuotekio jutiklis
 GAS SENSE gas sensors are part of the fixed gas detection systems. They are designed to monitor the presence of combustible and toxic gases and vapors in the air. In excess of permissible concentrations to signal and activate the alarm and trigger the connected actuators.

GAS SENSE gas sensors are available in 3 series GSS-100; GS -220 and GS-ADR. The use of different measurement methods, communication technologies, degree of protection of housing and mounting options allows for finding optimal solutions to meet the requirements in all industries.

 duju nuotekio jutiklis
 Domestic gas detectors H-220 monitoring the concentration of combustible gases, volatile organic solvents and carbon monoxide and alarm light and sound when the maximum permitted levels are reached.

Depending on the detected gas domestic gas detectors series H-220 are available in the following models: H-220-CH4 - methane, H-220-LPG - LPG, H-220-IAQ - indoor air quality, H -220-CO - for carbon monoxide.

Portable gasdetectors GAS SENSE are designed to measure explosive and toxic gases. Different models measure relative or absolute concentration of combustible gases, toxic gases, refrigerants and oxygen.

Portable gas detectors are available in three series GS-500, GasSense-1000 and GasSense-1000.L. All models are equipped with highly sensitive sensor elements, LCD display for visualization of readings, convenient and easy to navigate menu.

Gas controllers GAS SENSE are part of the fixed gas detection systems. In combination with different gas sensors they offer multiple solutions for control of combustible and toxic gases and vapors. They monitor sensor readings and obtains signal for gas alarm and trigger actuators.

Gas controllers GAS SENSE come in three series GSC-100, GA-220, GA-ADR. Different models may control from 1 to 16 input lines or from 1 to 48 sensors. The different variants of the housing /for panel mounting and DIN rail/ makes them easy to install and maintain.

Models GA-220 and GA-ADR are ATEX certified. 


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